The Palazzo and the Ricasoli family

For 10 centuries, Brolio and Florence have been the operational and emotional heart of my family.

The surname Firidolfi originates from Geremia, son of Ridolfo (in Latin, filiis rodulphi), the forebear of the Ricasoli from Meleto family, led by Alberto, and the Ricasoli from Brolio family, whose ancestor was Ugo. It is thanks to the renowned merits of the emperor Frederick Barbarossa that the Ricasoli Firidolfi family became owners of feuds and were assigned with the title of Barons.

The Meleto branch, firmly established in Florence at the beginning of the 14th century, showed great interest for town affairs. Among them, there rose to celebrity Rinieri, who worked with the government of the Florentine State in the years that saw the closing of the Republic while a powerful family was starting to rise: the Medici, merchants and bankers who would ink the history of Florence. Rinieri, a skilled tradesman, was always close to the Medicis. In 1457 he married Maddalena Vespucci, from the family of the navigator Amerigo. He is to be thanked for the construction of the Palazzo at Ponte della Carraia, now seat of the Leone Blu Residence.

And thus, from the ancient Lumbard origins in the 11th century to date, several members of the Family stood out for their merits in military, political, agricultural and commercial activities. The Ricasoli Firidolfis always belonged to an active and productive type of aristocracy. The Leone Blu Residence aims at embodying this attitude: fully respecting tradition, but combining it with long-sightedness, courage and innovation.

My ancestors inspired the choice of name for the Leone Blu suites. Today, the Ricasoli story continues both in Brolio, where my brother Francesco carries our winemaking tradition forward, and at the Palazzo in Florence, where I will be pleased to make your acquaintance in a Residence that proudly shows its 500-year history, but which thanks to the care of craftsmen and artists, is able to look to the future of Florence – a noble town of art, craftsmanship and design.